Save the Heywood Building

Help us to preserve the history of downtown Jennings, Louisiana

It was a dark and stormy night…

heywood collapse 2

On the night of August 24th, a line of severe thunderstorms ripped through our community. The storms caused power outages, downed limbs, and widespread debris across several towns. Luckily, no one was hurt. But our beloved Heywood Building was, unfortunately, a casualty of nature. The storm blew down the fragile south-facing wall, which was in the process of being stabilized. You can see from these photos that the destruction was massive. The force of the wall’s collapse also compromised the integrity of both the east wall and the iconic street-facing corner of the structure.

The City of Jennings closed off the area around the building, and crews were brought in to contain the debris. For safety reasons, the City called for an evaluation by the architect and engineer of the Save The Heywood project. Their prognosis was grim, and there is no sugar-coating the state of our building: the remaining walls must be demolished.

While it is clear that the Heywood Building as we have always known it will no longer exist, those of us involved with the Save the Heywood project have not given up on preserving the spirit of the Heywood Building and holding on to a historically significant piece of our past. We have managed to salvage important parts of the building: original bricks, the beautiful black glass, and original contents. We hope to use some of the iconic elements of the structure to create a new public space in the center of our Main Street district, where the Heywood Building stood for 112 proud years.

Please check the Save The Heywood blog in the coming weeks, as we refocus our efforts in this new direction. The Heywood building cannot be preserved as it always was, but with the support of our community, we can ensure that its place in history will never be forgotten.

Our Mission

A grassroots effort is underway to not only restore the Heywood Building to its former glory, but also to return its status as a functional and necessary part of downtown Jennings.

Photo Gallery

Photos of the Heywood Building as it looks today, as well as archival photos of the building’s past.

Coming soon: architectural renderings of its hopeful future!

Donate Now

A handful of extremely generous donors has already committed to give $155,000 to the project, if the remaining $100,000 needed can be raised by the community.

Info on how to donate coming very soon!